• The website Marine Lawyers of China was established in Guangzhou in 2004. Since it’s establishment we have been devoting to provide high-level legal affairs service on admiralty, marine, international transactions, insurance and so on. Basing on the steady development during the passing years, our lawyers team has obtained well-recognised achievement in the industry. This website is rooted on the famous law firm named Guangdong Geenen Law Office with a history of nearly 20 years. At the same time, this website and its team are expanding the civil and commercial law field of corparation, finance, real property and construction project.




    Our team members are graduated from the well-known law schools at home and abroard, earning degrees of legal master or senior. They both have profound theory foundation and aquire substantial practice experience. The partners and lawyers of this website can work with fluent english, and we established close cooperation with law firm from Britain, America, Germany, France, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Signpore, Hong Kong, etc. Our customers will enjoy multinational, first-class and specialized legal service from this website and its team.




    Lawyers of our website always keep good partnership with all-level courts and administrative departments, which help us master the updated legal information from various industries timely and provide high-quality and highly effective legal service for our customers. Till now, our team has served the following renowed customers such as: Peoples Insurance Company of China (PICC), China Pacific Property Insurance Co.,Ltd., Ping An property&casualty insurance company of China.Ltd, China Development Bank Co.,Ltd, Nippon Yusen bulk cargo transport (China) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huahai Shipping Group, Guangzhou Shipping Co., Ltd, Complant international transportation Shenzhen Co., Ltd, Centrans ocean shipping logistics company, Guangdong Branch, Guangzhou COSCO Logistics Co., Ltd, COSCO Guangzhou International Freight Co., Ltd, Jotun COSCO marine coatings (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Guangdong Galanz (Group) Co. Ltd. Nanjing textile import and export Co. Ltd. Global Market Group (Asia) Limited and so on.





    Marine Lawyers of China love their law career, and we are in obedience to the concept of “being meticulous, conscientious, professional, effective”. We are and will be trying our best to supply high-level service of litigation, non-litigation, arbitration all the time for customers from home and abroard.



    * Bills of lading, sea waybills and through bills;

    * Bareboat charters, time charters and voyage charters;

    * Coastal transport;

    * Arrest of ship, lien on cargo and maritime security;

    * Agency agreements, shipping agency and cargo forwarding;

    * Logistics and multi-modal transport;

    * Salvage contracts and towage;

    * Marine engineering contracts;

    * Repair, Sale & Purchase of Ships...



    * Ships collision, contact and grounding;

    * Oil pollution and environmental damage;

    * Personal injury, professional negligence;

    * General and particular average;

    * Manning, crew manning;

    * Port operations。


    Real property and construction project

    *Due-diligence investigation on investment on realty projects.

    *The governmental selling lands or commercial assignment of the land-use right.

    *Legal affairs of items of exploitation of real estate.

    *Mortage, loan, financing, guarantee of real estate.

    *Sale & Purchase, lease of new or second-hand real property.

    *Supevision, contract and construction of architecture project.



    * Cargo insurance;  

    * Hull insurance;

    * P&I insurance;

    * Property insurance;

    * Life insurance;

    * Liability insurance;

    * Credit insurance;

    * War risk insurance;

    * Reinsurance;

    * Insurance recovery claims.


    Corporation and Finance

    * The mergence, restruction, acquisition of assets and debt.

    * Loan and relevant insurance of banks and banking syndicates.

    *Project finance and transaction financing.

    * Legal practiciablity study on creative finance business.



    * Legal feasibility studies;

    * Letters of credit, guarantees and debt recovery;

    * International payment and settlement;

    * Foreign exchange control;

    * Customs, commodity and sanitary inspections;

    * Foreign trade control measures 

    (anti-dumping / anti-subsidy / protective measures);

    * Dispute resolution (mediation / arbitration / litigation);

    * Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards and court judgments;

    * Matters relating to e-commerce...

  • Senior Partner, Xie Ming                                       



    Senior partner and vice director of Guangdong Geenen Law Office

    Member of Marine Law Committee of Guangdong Lawyer’s Association

    Member of Maritime Law Committee of China Maritime Law Association (CMLA)

    Member of Construction and Bidding and Tendering Activities Law Committee of Guangzhou Lawyer’s Association

    Vice-Chairman of Wuhan University of Technology Alumni Association

    a specially invited consultant of the legal column of Private Economy News & China Shipping Gazette (administrated by National Development and Reform Commission and executed by China Communications & Transportation Association)


    Academic qualifications:

    1998 Wuhan University of Technology (LL.B.)

    2002 Dalian Maritime University (LL.M.)

    Professional qualifications:

    1999  Licensed lawyer



    English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese)



    Lawyer Xie graduated from Dalian Maritime University (Maritime Law) and got his master degree in 2002. His tutor is Professor Fu Yanzhong who is the associate dean and PH.D. candidate tutor of the law school of Tsinghua University. Lawyer Xie got his Lawyer's Qualification of China in 1998 and started his lawyer career, and joined two famous law firm succesively. Lawyer Xie has strong passion in acdemic research and is skilled at literary presentation. He is a rare scholarly lawyer whose many professional papers and English translations concerning maritime, admiralty and international trade were published successively in Chinese core legal publications(see China Maritime Law Review(vol.3,5&9), Annual of China Maritime Trial(vol.2002&2004), China Shipping Law Letter(vol.2002) and China Foreign-related Commercial and Maritime Trial(2003)).In 2001, his academic thesis was awarded Annual Excellent Paper of CMLA and his English paper was presented & selected at the 5TH International Conference of CLMA in 2002.

    Lawyer Xie is arted at communicating with customers. He can build genuine trust relationship with his customers nonlocally or abroad merely by teleprone and email. No matter the amount of the case is big or small, Lawyer Xie always handle them seriously and responsibly. His specialized, rigor and effective working style wins his customers’ appraise and trust, and this is why Mr. Xie excels in solving various complicated and difficult cases and win the cases which is in the second instance or review process.

    Lawyer Xie has dealed with hundreds of cases involving maritime, admiralty, international trade and insurance, etc, representing owners of cargo, the insurances, ship builders or repairers for many times. From these practices Mr. Xie aquired substantial experience about arresting ship and obtaining warranty. His cases mainly relates to ship crash accident, goods carriage contract, maritime insurance, cargo damage, maritime salvation, oil contamination, ship lease, ship sale& purchase transactions, ship building & repairing, maritime casualty, etc. In respect of international legal affairs. Lawyer Xie has a good knowledge of trade settlement  mode such as L/C, D/P, D/A, OA, etc., basing on which Mr. Xie can handle disputes refering to Chinese import or export or entreport trade skillfully, especially has abundant practice experience about default of payment for goods and decline from taking the delivery of goods by buyers. Lawyer Xie has received Thanks letters from his customers for his brilliant service about international trade cases. Some typical cases represented by Mr. Xie Ming were elected and published by the supreme people's court’s bulletin. Moreover,  Guangzhou Lawyer Association confered Business Achievement Award on Mr. Xie Ming for many times.


    Mr. Xie Ming behaves excellently in real estate and construction project cases. He handled a corp of cases with important infuence such as the owners of Guangzhou Roman Home v. Guangdong Zhujiang Investment Company Limited for mass disputes over contracts on purchase and sale of commodity premises, Zhuhai Singyes curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd v. Guangzhou Urban Construction Engineering General Contractor Co., Ltd. for dispute over contract on construction project,  dispute  over contract on construction project of some section of Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit System( BRT for short)


    Classical Cases

    Classical Cases on maritime and admiralty

    1. PICC Guangdong Branch v. B International Transport Co., Ltd for Subrogation on disputes over contract on international marine sale of goods

    2. Chongqing Z International Trade Co., Ltd. v. North Litong Logistics Co., Ltd. for dispute over releasing cargo without a sight of the lading bill

    3. Guangzhou G International Freight Co., Ltd. v. Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. for dispute over false release

    4. Guangdong electric power development Limited by Share Ltd in Shajiao A power plant v. Hongkong A Shipping Co., Ltd. for dispute over Ship A collision with the dock

    5. Chaozhou C Shipping Co., Ltd. v. Hongkong A Shipping Co., Ltd. for dispute over Ship A collision with the Ship “Wuzhou No.1”

    6. Zhanjiang A Trade Co., Ltd v. Guangzhou B Logistics Co., Ltd. and Qinzhou C Shipping Co., Ltd. for dispute over contract on Coastal freight of goods and the establishment of the limitation fund for maritime claims caused by the sinking of Fangzhou 6

    7. Mr. Chen v.Mr. Xian for dispute over the ownership of the ship stemed by their contract on partnership and manangement of ship


    Classical cases on international trade

    Facts of case:

    1. Hungary CKL Co.Ltd declined to pay the balance of the goods for the poor quality of the air conditioner producted by Guangdong S Household electrical appliance Co., Ltd. Lawyer Xie Ming was trusted by S and took non-litigation measures, pushing CKL to pay the balance of $190,000 in two weeks. CKL admired Mr. Xie’s professional service and trust him to undertake their legal affairs in China. ( This piece of news was reportedby Private Economy News on Mar. 19, 2007)

    2. Mexico T Company defaulted Foshan D Furniture export company $350,000 for half a year. Upon being trusted, Mr. Xie took non-litigation measures immediately  and drove T pay all the sum in 4 times in one and a half months.

    Classical case on property insurance

    Guangdong D Group Company v. AIG Insurance Company China Limited for

    dispute over contract on property insurance (Export product liability insurance)






    Qualified Lawyer  Tu Hongwang 



    Full-time lawyer of Geenen Law Office

    Academic qualifications

    East China University of Political Science and Law ( international economic law ), Bachelor

    South China University of Technology ( MBA )

    Professional qualifications:

    1996  Licensed lawyer


    Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese) and English


    Mr. Tu served in the court as the judge, then entered international trade company dealing with international transaction and worked as law teacher in the university one after another. From 1996, Mr Tu got his lawyer license and practised law affairs. Mr Tu aquired abundant experience of more than ten years. He is skilled at maritime, admiralty, intrnational trade, foreign merchant investment, domestic economy, real property, finance and legal counsel, etc.

    Lawyer Mr. Tu has served for various international and domestic enterprises and multinational corporations for legal affairs in China. He has sunstantial law thoery and practice experience. He is familiar with the management and operation of the enterprise. He is both good at litigation and company’s legal counsel service and bring the most benefit to his customers.




    Overseas Consultant  Wang Qianlin                                                


    12/2004- 2008          Queen Mary University of London, CCLS
                                         Degree: PhD

    08/2001—11/2002   The University of Manchester 
                                         LLM: Master's Degree

    06/2007—12/2007    Master CIW Designer, Certified Internet Web Professional 
    09/1997—06/2001    China University of Politic Science and Law
                                          LLB: Bachelor's Degree in La

    Work Experience

    New World Law Associates Ltd (London) (04/2007-now)
    Business Partner

    Hoffman & Bokaei Solicitors (London) (04/2006-03/2007)
    Associate and immigration adviser

    Shellbene International LLC (Beijing, London) (01/2004- 03/2006)
    Development Manager

    Other Position and Membership
    ·      Assistant tutor during studying and researching in Manchester University and QMUL.
    ·      Dominame International Ltd.  Position: Import & Export Consultant Manager
    ·      Consultant to Overseas Chinese Scholars' Fund Management Center
    ·      Chinese Steel Net Work   http://www.ttssteel.com/  
              Position: website and network development Consultant
    ·      Consultant to Greek ASSET Credit Management S.A.
    ·      Consultant to Greek Latsoudis Law Office
    ·      Investment Consultant to AEGEK SA in Greece (07/2004-08/2006)
    ·      Membership of the 4th International Youth Leadership Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
    ·      Member of Young-OGEMID
    ·      Member of Oxford University Comparative Law Forum 
    ·      Associate of the Institute of International Commercial Law of the Pace University School of Law.

    Personal Information

    Tel: +44(0) 7969063172;    +86 13501035261
    E-mail:  ying.wang@qmul.ac.uk



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